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CVCHURCH Small Group Ministry Vision Statement

To see every person in our church body and those in the community connected in a healthy Small Group, growing in and experiencing the five purposes of CVCHURCH.

Where we:

Fulfill the purpose of WORSHIP by meeting together in homes, at church, or wherever a small group may be held. As we worship God together, we grow stronger in our relationship with Him and each other, as we share our lives together

Fulfill the purpose of DISCIPLESHIP by walking with each other, so that we may grow spiritually and become all that God wants us to be.

Fulfill the purpose of FELLOWSHIP by engaging with each other, by lending support, time and prayer. By sharing our lives with others in our small groups with the confidence of knowing it is a safe and loving environment.

Fulfill the purpose of MINISTRY together in small groups, by using our gifts to serve God's purposes to people in our church family and to people outside of our church family.


Fulfill the purpose of EVANGELISM by having a relationship with those who do not know Jesus in a personal way. Together in the community, we can help lead others to know Christ by telling them about our relationship with Him.

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