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CVCHURCH exists to benefit and strengthen our community by helping people of all ages discover fulfilling and positive purposes for their lives and succeed in pursuing them. We do that by offering various life-skill development programs, including recovery from addictions, managing personal finances, positive parenting, and maximizing marriages. We promote community care in other ways, including providing meals to those in difficulty, and sharing comfort, visitation, finances and friendship with those who are poor, orphaned, sick, hospitalized and/or dying. Promoting happy and healthy individuals and families improves life in our community, and that, in turn, can spread to points around the world.

We are glad you found us! At CVCHURCH we want you to come as you are.

As you enjoy the teaching, your child(ren) of any age will be able to enjoy their own teachings of the word with our safe, dedicated and loving volunteers in Kids’ Place! (Nursery to 6th grade). If your child(ren) is in Middle or High School, they will be able to hang out in EPICC Youth and receive messages and discussions with our amazing leaders!

Our Senior Pastor, Scott Wood teachings speak God’s truth into life’s situations in an uncanny way, always leaving you wanting more! The topics range from marriage, boundaries, finances, parenting to spiritual warfare and joy!

Worship is very important to us at CVCHURCH. Our worship team will help move you in a way that will  help you feel more connected and closer to God. 

From our family here at CVCHURCH to yours...WE WELCOME YOU!

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