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The CVCHURCH family exists to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by connecting them with Father God, the local church, those we can serve, and people who don't yet know Jesus.

(Matt. 22:36 - 40 & 28:19 - 20)



Like the Great Commandment says (Matt. 22:36-40), we are called to worship God. On an individual level it means to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30). On Sundays, worship refers to coming together to celebrate the presence God and all that He is, because He is worthy of all that we have to offer.


(John 4:23 - 24Matthew 4:10Psalm 34:3)



Jesus calls us to belong to his family. The church is God’s way of providing people a true community where people support each other and that offers them a safe family to belong to.


(Acts 2:42Ephesians 2:19)



A "disciple" literally means "student". We want to teach people God’s Word so that they may grow to spiritual maturity. A child will not grow into a healthy adult without a balanced diet. By the same token, a child who does not eat well will develop into a sickly adult.


(Colossians 1:28Ephesians 4:12b - 13Acts 2:42)



The essence of serving is to show God’s love to others by helping their needs and hurts in the name of Jesus. The needs may be spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, vocational, intellectual or physical. Our senior pastor is not the only minister, we are ALL called to do good!


(Mark 12:31Ephesians 4:12)



Based on the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), we want to share the Good News of Jesus with those who don’t know Him and to invite them to join God’s eternal family. That’s why guests are always welcome here!


(Mark 16:15Luke 24:47 - 49John 20:21, & Acts 1:8)

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