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Meals Ministry Team

At no cost to the recipient, we are blessed with volunteer church members, who love to prepare and deliver dinner meals using their personal resources and time, to help those who are recovering from medical issues, personal crisis, or loss, or have newborn infants.    

Who we serve: We serve families/individuals whose needs are not already being met through their involvement in a small group, Bible study, family, or friends.

When do meals start: Meal Requests should receive a 48-72-hour notice before starting the first meal on an Approved Meal Schedule (Exceptions can apply).

How long does a meal schedule last: Meal Schedules usually last 1-2 weeks, and DINNER meals are served every other day (exceptions can apply). If more service time is needed, we can assess the situation at the end of the meal schedule and EXTEND the meal schedule.

How to ask for help: Evaluate the involvement of help from your small group, family and friends before contacting us. If you are asking for help on behalf of someone within our church, please get their permission first before you contact us.


Meal requests are made through calls to the

Church Office at 818-249-5805 or Carole Bouchard at 818-913-2022.

If you are a person who loves to prepare meals for people in need and WOULD LIKE TO SERVE in the Meals Ministry, please fill out the connection card at Sunday services, it's inside the bulletin. We would love to contact you to let you know how you can get started.


Food Pantry Team

CVCHURCH has formed a partnership with Sue’s Garden, a local food pantry housed in First Baptist church. We serve a large area in our community and are open two days each month to help provide food to people in need. Donations of food are accepted on Sundays and throughout the week to help stock the pantry. If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact Carole Bouchard at 818-913-2022. Start volunteering right away and see the immediate difference you can make by serving on the team.

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