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Scott Wood - Senior Pastor

What’s your story?
I grew up in a pastor’s home. We had our own problems, but I picked up a passion for spiritual things from my parents and found Jesus when I got a bit older. Through Him my love for people and the desire to see them experience all that God has planned for them has burned bright. In 1977 my life changed by meeting Kathe Bedell, who fortunately grew to love me as much as I love her. Kathe is the best woman I could have ever asked for. She completes me through her love, acceptance, humor and her huge desire to see the best in people. We celebrated our 35th anniversary last December. I am the most grateful man on this planet!

Kathe and I are deeply grateful for our son Benjamin and our daughter Whitney. Benjamin is finishing up his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University and serving as a professor of industrial organization at Liberty University. Whitney is nurturing a career in music while pursuing her Master's in marketing at Liberty, as well. It is such a delight to see our children pursuing their God-given passion and future.

Sports or arts?
I am a sports enthusiast. I love to watch football (San Francisco 49ers, the Oregon Ducks) and basketball (LA Lakers and the Oregon Ducks.) I enjoy going to movies and walks with Kathe. I also thoroughly enjoy vacations with my family.

Favorite books?
Two life changing books that I read in graduate school that were transformational for me were The Road Less Traveled by Dr. Scott Peck and The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen. 
Favorite movies?
The Bourne Trilogy is the best in its genre. The Passion of the Christ, which I watch every Good Friday, always moves me because of the length that Jesus went to demonstrate His love for me and the entire world.
You secretly enjoy…?
Not many secrets here. I enjoy watching a great dramatic movie or sports!
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