Take your next step in the CVCHURCH Life Development process. A healthy snack and lunch will be provided, and free childcare is available. Here are your next steps to belong, believe and become all God wants you to be:


Life Development 101: Membership
Better Together: How to belong to the CVCHURCH family.

This is the introductory seminar in CVCHURCH’s Life Development Process. You will learn what Christianity, CVCHURCH, relationship with God, and relationship with other people are all about. Pastor Scott Wood teaches.

Contact: Jeanne Wurm at (818) 249-5805 or jeanne.wurm@cvchurch.com

Life Development 201: Maturity
Growing Stronger: How to become friends with Jesus

Once you have completed Life Development 101, LD 201 is the next step.  This seminar helps you commit to the spiritual habits that will help you mature as followers of Christ: Bible study, worship, prayer, giving, and small groups.

Contact: Rick Whitlow at (818) 249-5805 or rick.whitlow@cvchurch.com

Life Development 301: Ministry
Shaped to Serve: How to make your mark

After completing LD 101 and 201, in LD 301 you will discover your unique S.H.A.P.E. -- the gifts, passions, abilities, talents, personality, and experiences that God has given you. You also will learn how to function in your S.H.A.P.E. in order to live out God's plans and purposes for your life.

Contact: Kathe Wood at (818) 249-5805 or kathe.wood@cvchurch.com


Life Development 401: Mission
Sent as friends: How to participate in God's adventure

After completing LD 101, 201 and 301, in LD 401 you will discover your life's mission. You will become comfortable sharing your relationship with Jesus with others.

Contact: Scott Alvarez at (818) 389-0330 or scott.alvarez@cvchurch.com


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