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Kathe Wood - Pastor of Innovation

What’s your story?
I grew up in Seattle, WA and worked my way down to Southern California. I LOVE L.A.! I had a large family – aunts, uncles and cousins, and I’ve always loved large groups with loving people. I loved spending summers in our summer home on the Bay. I got my undergrad in music in Corvallis, Oregon, and my Masters in Eugene, Oregon, where I became part of a thriving church during the Jesus Movement. La Crescenta is a wonderful place to raise our kids and a great place to grow a church and live life building rich friendships and real family. I actually feel pretty spoiled!
I’m married to a ‘wild’ man, Scott, who hits the ground running! We’re blessed with two amazing kids, Ben and Whitney. I have lots of family up in Oregon and Washington, who I do miss!
Sports or arts?
We watch sports at our house, so I BETTER like it, right? We LOVE the DUCKS for college football! For pro football, I’m a Seahawk fan down deep. With basketball, we’re all about the Lakers, but I don’t know where we went wrong with our son, who’s for the Pacers! My FAVORITE thing to do is go to a concert! I don’t care where or what - it could be a small coffee house, Hotel Café, Strings & Beans, or Hollywood Bowl! If it’s a concert of any kind, I am so there!
Favorite book?
Don’t really have one! I listen to stuff on my mp3 player, great motivational talks, etc. One of my favorite guys is Zig Ziglar.
Favorite movie?
I can never remember a movie after I’ve seen it… so I can’t remember!
You secretly enjoy…?
After the beach or the pool at Four Seasons, I love my special drink: a half-caf latte, shots on top, extra foamy, extra hot, 1 raw sugar… Mmm!
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