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Beth Krausse - Kids' Place! Pastor
What’s your story?
I’m a 3rd generation Pasadenian (haven’t moved far!). I got my “Ph.D. in parenting” by being a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids until I became the Children’s Pastor at CVCHURCH 28 years ago. I love Kids' Place! and seeing kids grow closer to Jesus. When kids know God's’ love for them, He becomes their strength and they can face life's challenges, with His strength. 

I married Peter at 19, and we’re still together 45 years later! I home-schooled our four kids until 3rd grade. David (High School Science Teacher) is married to (Dr.) Andrea (Psychologist), and they have 2 wonderful kids (what fun it is to be a grandma!),. Susanne is is married to Mike and they have 2 lovely girls. Joy (High School Math teacher) is married to Tim Coe (Auto CLub Manager) . They have a son, who is another of my wonderful grandchildren! James (Master/Sound engineer) is married to Dani (CPA) and they have 2 wonderful boys.  It’s a wonderful busy family. 

Sports or arts?
I think being a Grandma is a sport. I run after them all day and LOVE IT!  Pete & I love to hike in the local hills with our dogs and have discovered that we really enjoy each other’s  company!

Favorite book?
Unbroken!!! about Louis Zamperini by Laura Hillenbrand. Favorite book of the decade!

Favorite movie?
The original Star Wars movies!

You secretly enjoy…?
Acting and singing  


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